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Implementing Mexico´s Energy Reform

As Mexico develops new skills at implementing this quantum leap reform, we can see early 1900’s agrarian communities and a centralized energy sector, meeting head-on with modern business practices.

We will integrate services, evaluate, partner and coordinate suppliers. Our team will aid in negotiations with landowners by clarifying, conciliating and conducting pre-due diligence with the “ejido” legal structure and transfer or partnership of property. Meetings with governmental entities, key players, potential clients, project owners and developers, will ease your advance in your enterprise in Mexico.

Most importantly, we are your local partners. We highlight our knowledge of the area and our familiarity with the local people. Our company is composed of a small in-house team that networks and partners with professionals based on each project’s requirements in order to share expertise.

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Our Competitive Advantage

By having MGE as your local partners, we eliminate many of the challenges that geographic distance, the market differences, language barriers, laws, time zones and business cultures might impose developing a project in Mexico. We highlight the importance of planning, creating continuity, confidence and trust while working with honest business ethics.

We will coordinate and organize teams of local and international individuals depending on client and project based needs, which will help your organization enter the new market with greater speed, a higher success rate, lower costs, and fewer surprises.

We have a strong working relationship with federal, state and local regulatory agencies. We schedule meetings with key individuals and organizations that are involved in the project, coordinate travel agendas, accompany and represent you at business meetings and offer expert advice all through the life cycle of the project.

We can also provide analysis of the Mexican renewable energy market, current project knowledge, etc.