project management services
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wind & solar
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Land with Natural Resources
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Due Diligence

Time is of the Essence

Many Mexican companies and individuals have tracks of land with important wind or solar resources suitable to develop energy projects. With the proper direction and diligence they can forward the property and advance into the frontline of real estates. Every stage of the development of a project is key, we therefore aim to be beneficial and valuable in either exploring opportunities and/or in the development of the project itself.

  • Accelerate the process of certifying your property.
  • Evaluate your property to determine if it is suitable for additional resource evaluation.
  • Complete the pre-operational stages that will save valuable time to investors.
  • Organize your project and add it to our portfolio.
  • Promote the sale of the project.
  • Present to companies that have an interest in purchasing this project, who will take over the development, and/ or participate in the operation of energy production and distribution.