project management services
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wind & solar
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oil & gas
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Land with Natural Resources
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Due Diligence

Site Due Diligence

In order to gather information from a local and real perspective, we make site visits, organize interviews with locals and research information in order to assess the Area in which a project is located or is intended to be located.

This evaluation permits the stakeholders to reduce risk, making educated decisions as to move forward with the project or retire based on the suitability of all components presented. Negotiation strategies can also be created and/or adjusted considering all aspects of the evaluation.

The reports that we generate contain information about the following:

  • Private Property or Ejido Legal Conditions.
  • Title Background
  • Environmental Characterization
  • Available Infrastructure
  • Social Conditions
  • Economic Conditions
  • Political Conditions
  • Neighboring Communities
  • Security Issues
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