We are your resource to access Mexico´s Energy.
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MGE Energy is a private company that provides project management services for foreign firms interested in immersing in the Mexican energy sector.

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energy in mexico

The recent Mexican Energy Reform has sparked great interest from companies that foresee this industry as an investment opportunity.
Some seek their business in the wind and sun resource while for others market information is the keyword. Someone might need to untangle a problematic property transfer, although for others a comprehensive project management plan is of vital importance.

Our multicultural and multilingual in-house team highlights our understanding for the different customs and rules for conducting business in different countries.

Designing & Managing a Roadmap for your Project

MGE will help you plot a plan and build your network of services and clients that will support the development of your project. We will provide knowledge of all market and legal environments, comprehension of local processes and introduce key players in order to make the best investment in Mexico’s energy sector.

We are integrators. As Mexico goes through a learning curve to implement abrupt transition into a modern era energy sector, we create value by guiding our clients through every step of the process: in managing a project, navigating the pre-development phase, obtaining the interconnection feasibility, negotiations, PPA search, completion of your RTB, executive project, bidding, construction supervision, and integrating both domestic and foreign specialists in different aspects of the project.

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